I really need a support group

“It been a while. Nothing on my mind and wanted to keep it that way. Thursday I came back for vacation. In the evening I was going to the movies but ended up buying things on sale. Friday evening I had a Bday party Of crazy girl A. Was a lot of fun! My girl became 16! So the 3 of us sat on my scooter and decided that we should drive a few miles… Almost ended in the hospital :p. Saturday we( A, works with me) got the day off. You can guess how that ended right? Yup, Shopping again. In the evening I wen to my aunts Bday party. Sunday I worked. And today I was at the train station at 10 o clock in the morning going to Rotterdam. That ended up going to the Primark with my aunt. Will stay here this tomorrow. You can see I am a shopaholic. I need some serious help! In Bulgaria I also bought a lot. ”


7 Reacties

  1. Brit
    07/19/2010 / 16:48

    Wat een aan kopen! wel heeel veel leuks!

  2. 07/19/2010 / 21:10

    Wow, jij hebt lekker veel gekocht! Echt veel leuke dingen :D. En leuke foto's ook met A. :)!

  3. 07/20/2010 / 09:34

    I Love Your Photo's & Your Stuff! [L]

    xxx Patty

  4. Anonymous
    07/22/2010 / 10:22

    op de 1e foto ben je best wel mooi

  5. 07/23/2010 / 12:48

    joy! ik zie daar een fles;p hahahha.
    nee chick leuke foto's! & weer die ogen he;)

  6. Dwaynee (lll)
    07/25/2010 / 20:37

    First photo.. (L)