The number one thing on my Fashion-Must-Buy-Or-Do-List is buying more prints. I don’t always wear a print and when I do, I wear it with plain items. You can see it did not quite turn out as I wanted to.

Shopping in London was great. I should say fun. I had a big smile on my face because of the jokes we made. There was also a big frown when I walked out of the stores. I just could not find anything. I totally feel like I am a failure in life now because of that. There was just never the right thing for me. I even feel guilty about the fast food printed top and shorts. They are black and white!

These are the things I brought home with me. With a bit shame I am showing you them. Maybe I am just a sucker for plain items. Right now on number one is creating a double printed outfit with the clothes I have. See if it is me. Sigh. I might need some luck.

And oh, I bought the Marc Jacobs bracelet and ring yesterday. I quickly added them to this post. Aren’t they perfect? And turquoise!!


3 Reacties

  1. 06/20/2014 / 18:48

    Die armband van Marc Jacobs is super leuk! Mooie set:)

  2. 06/21/2014 / 12:16

    wat een mooie sieraden van Marc Jacobs!