Here I am. After a radio silence, I wrote you a letter. I am here with an explanation. After the post about my current situation, I felt like I only made things more vague for you. Now here I am typing this with a heavy heart.

I gave up on my own company. It felt like I was postponing my future for a while now. I wasn’t planning on working in the restaurant my whole life. But I also was too scared to do something. Going fulltime into my own company without anything did not seem like a good idea. I wanted a job with more security. The same paycheck every month and all other good things that come with that. So just like that I let my company go.

It might seem like a huge decision, but I thought it through. So the next step was to find out what kind of job I wanted. I had my eyes on some journalist jobs. I worked my ass off and got myself an internship. As an editor, social media editor and part responsible for advertisement. I am super duper hyped. This is what I want.

Now don’t you worry your pretty little heads. I am not going anywhere. I gave up on my company, not on my own little piece of the Internet. I just need to figure some more things out. I love the person who I became in a year. I love even more who I am becoming. It is hard to balance all these things. I have two jobs now, I still want to photograph and do fashion shoots, I still want to write poems and I still want to blog. I also want to keep seeing my friends, my boyfriend and do things that relax me or amuse me.

I just need a little more time to find a balance. After finding out what direction I want to go with my life, I need to find the direction I want to go with my blog. I still want to do outfits. But I was thinking maybe a bit more of a diary? I don’t know yet. But I will know you will see me soon, ready to kick some ass.


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  1. Manon Margaretha
    04/08/2016 / 17:22

    Aan de ene kant erg jammer dat je je eigen bedrijfje hebt moeten opgeven, maar ook heel erg tof dat je een stage mag gaan lopen! Zou ik mogen vragen waar, ben zo benieuwd (:

    • 04/11/2016 / 13:22

      Voor een zorgcourant. Ze doe al het zorg nieuws delen en schrijven. Even wat anders dan catwalks en outfit foto’s. maar zeker een uitdaging!

  2. Manon Lodder
    04/14/2016 / 00:13

    ben blij dat je de stap hebt genomen, het verbreed je denkwijze en creativiteit. Good job !!!

    • 04/18/2016 / 09:38


  3. BlogZonderNaam
    06/04/2016 / 13:06

    Juist een ontzettend dapper besluit. Go for it. En wie weet, ooit. Je kunt altijd blijven dromen!