On Monday we went to our favorite beach Torrent. It is really beautiful and quit there. We walked all the way, took about an hour and a half. It was suppose to be the last beautiful day without clouds. Tuesday is was going to be cloudy and Wednesday even rain! So we were determined to tan all day long. I had to make to home front jealous of my tan.

Tuesday was cloudy, but not all bad. My grams and I walked to San Antonio again. I ended up buying a scarf. After that we took a bus to Santa Eularia. It is such a nice place. With a long boulevard and some more cute boutiques. Eventually we had lunch there with a beach view. Grams also wanted to go back to Eivissa. One more bus ride and we were back in the city. Grams was looking for a bracelet. We looked for almost 2 hours to find that shop. But we found it!!

Wednesday was my last day. We took the car and went all around the island. Starting with Portinax. It is suppose to breath taking with a lot of wind, and the sea hitting the rocks. We were less lucky. Rain was everywhere. Steaming down the stress, coming down stairs and I could barely see. With the car in reverse I went to the other side of the island. Es Canar. The hippy market is there. I did not like it all that much. A lot of color and things you don’t actually need. They do say it is better in July. The ride went all the way to Santa Agnes, Sant Josep, Santa Gertrudis, Es Cubelles and Cala Vadellla. My grams was so happy to see all these places. It was so nice to make her this happy

I still feel dumb and sad about bringing the wrong camera charger. I still enjoyed every single day. Now it is time to work had and kick some ass.


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  1. Diolifestyle
    10/23/2015 / 09:52

    Oeeh! Wat een prachtige foto’s weer!

  2. 10/23/2015 / 16:07

    Ik verlang echt naar vakantie als ik al je foto’s zie! XO

  3. 10/23/2015 / 19:38

    Prachtige foto’s!