I’m back for revenge. I lost the battle, that ain’t happening again

“Most people spend their whole lives trying to live up to other people’s expectations and being told what to do. Screw that! Be free! Do what you want, go where you want and reach for the sky because life has no limits or boundaries. You only get one chance to do all the things that life offers you. I have to learn myself to be free and not listen to others. Do whatever you want, be with whoever you want. Have no fears, no regrets and then you’ll have really lived life. ”


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  1. 02/17/2011 / 20:15

    life is to short to wake up in the morning with regrets! mooi stuk heb je geschreven! liefs x

  2. 02/18/2011 / 15:55

    toffe foto!x

  3. 02/18/2011 / 17:22

    Nice picture <3
    Liefs, xxx

  4. 02/20/2011 / 00:51

    Ik kwam net via via op jouw blog terecht en ik zag dat je op mijn oude school zit (glr) en toevallig ook dezelfde opdrachten hebt gedaan.
    It's a small world!

    – Samm
    @ http://www.afterstylecomesfashion.com

  5. 02/20/2011 / 10:28

    hele leuke foto!

  6. 02/20/2011 / 10:59

    So true! & the pic is awesome, you're very beautiful!

  7. 02/23/2011 / 22:20

    Wow supergaaf gedaan,
    mooi zeg!