Hi I’m Joy. I am 22 years old. Haha, I feel like I need to introduce myself again. I’ve been offline for such a time. My life has been crazy lately. I am in between two jobs. So my work life is 7 days a week. Sometimes 12 hours a day. And fashion week was here. Also secretly, now not so secretly anymore, dating.

Also I visited the dentist. Last week. Got my roots done. All very nice and all. But 6 days later I woke up like a total chipmunk. Got Antibiotics and still a cheek like a hamster. Grams asked me “ are you keeping a sandwich in there for later?’ Yeah, she has a smart mouth.

But for now, I wanted to explain my absence. Let you know I am fine. Just tired. I got a few days off this week. Some of my friends warned me for doing to many things and being too busy every time. One more week full of craziness. Then is should all be okay.

Photo was taken Friday at Mercedes Benz fashion Week Amsterdam. I still got puffy cheeks.


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  1. Lisette
    07/13/2015 / 14:00

    Heel begrijpelijk! Soms lukt het gewoon eventjes niet om steeds nieuwe content online te gooien. haha Ik ben nu ook echt net weer terug in blogland 🙂

    • 07/14/2015 / 13:42

      Welcome back too <3