inspi olsen

How could I not make an inspiration post about the Olsen twins? I absolutely adore them. They have beauty, class, style and brains! Even when they were both little and playing in Fullhouse, they were too cute to be true. With the cool hair but with even better lines. I totally want to have twins too later. Boy and girl, both girl or both boys. I don’t care. Twins do rune a little in the family. Maybe one day? Back to these twins, true style icons. What are your icons?


4 Reacties

  1. 07/17/2014 / 10:02

    Als je het over style icons hebt, horen zij er zeker tussen! XO

  2. 07/17/2014 / 11:58

    Ik vind die meiden echt leuk 🙂