Life is better on an island. On the second day Laura and I relaxed a lot. We started our day in the pool swimming. After that we went to Cala Salade, which has the clearest beach on the island, but it was so crowded. So we decided to go for a ride on the motor bike. I drove north, I thought: ‘ it’s Ibiza, it’s an island, you can get lost.’. I must admit, I did not quite know our precise location at the time. BUT as soon as I saw restaurant I recognized it. So we stopped for a drink and went all the way back after that. Guess what? We ended up tanning by the pool. What is vacation for right?

It was Sunday. On a Sunday all the gipsies close the week during sunset in Cala de Benirrás. But before all that we had some ice cream. Desert before dinner, just because we can. anyways, I’ve never seen so many people on the beach, on rocks, boats, they were every where. They were singing, dancing and drumming, and the sun was setting. It was pretty amazing.

The hunger kicked in so on our way back we decided to stop for food in this cute little village in the middle of the Island, Sant Rafeal. Such a cute little dining place. When we were all done eating we weren’t ready to end the night and go to our apartment. So instead we went for Baileys milkshakes on the beach in San Antonio. It must have ben our lucky night because right in front of us started a firework show(I love, love fireworks).

Day 2 was so relaxed, but also so amazing and beautiful. And yes, delicious.




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  1. 09/19/2014 / 09:13

    Waauw mooie foto’s! Ik wil ook echt zo graag weer even naar het buitenland toe!

  2. 09/20/2014 / 13:40

  3. 09/20/2014 / 15:25

    Super mooi! Ik wil zeker nog een keer naar Ibiza. Thanks voor je lieve reactie! x

  4. 09/21/2014 / 12:01

    Wat een heerlijke, prachtige foto’s! Ik ben eigenlijk nog maar net een paar weekjes terug van vakantie, maar nu ik deze foto’s zie ben ik er alweer aan toe! Haha. Liefs