joy2 copy joy3
I love this little girl so much. And I love these photo too! I wanted to create a series called; Little girl, high fashion. Well it didn’t quite turn out as planned. The second photo with the hat is exactly what I wanted. But the other two are completly different photo’s. I still love them and think they are amazing. Just not as a series. I want to ass what your favorite is. And tell you which is mine but I love them all as much. So which one do you like the most?
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6 Reacties

  1. 05/03/2013 / 14:14

    Wauw, hele gave foto's! De eerste vind ik het leukst 🙂

    Xx Alex

  2. 05/05/2013 / 07:08

    Super leuk!! Lief ook!

  3. 05/08/2013 / 18:59

    wauw de laatste is vet