Luck is believeing you’re lucky

“Someone asked me the other day if my glass was half empty or half full. I was going to say it’s half empty, but that’s not true. My life isn’t void and I have my happy moments. But usually they seem to disappear, or get worse. So my glass is cracked, yes –cracked. It gets filled up with happiness and hope, but it always ends up escaping my grasp. It always ends up emptying out. But there is always a small layer left in the glass. With hope, Hoping for a miracle to fix my glass. And it happened. It’s called Family and friends! Lovelys, never and I really mean never give up on hope.”

dress; h&m – socks; river island – shoes; van haren


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  1. 08/29/2010 / 19:50

    de eerste foto is vet!

  2. 08/29/2010 / 21:05

    Mooie foto's en paspop!

  3. 08/29/2010 / 23:37

    mooie jurk!

  4. 08/30/2010 / 01:06

    Hun, thanks for the comment on my blog! =)
    U look gorgeous! I love the way u wear the “socks” and the heels. Perfect!


  5. 08/30/2010 / 05:19

    what a beautiful thing to say. i feel that way sometimes too. and i do realize i have a great family and a wonderful bf and dog hehe <3 your outfit is gorgeous!! i love the lace dress and knee highs!! you look so stunning!!

  6. 08/30/2010 / 10:24

    Wauw, je look is echt geweldig [l]
    ik hou van jou!

    Liefs Patty

  7. Piinar
    08/30/2010 / 16:05

    goed stukje, & hele mooie fotos honn!
    love x

  8. 08/30/2010 / 17:03

    wauw mooi geschreven en wat heb je een geweldig jurkje aan.

  9. 08/30/2010 / 17:25


  10. 08/30/2010 / 20:56

    love this comparison 😀 as always, awesome post

  11. 08/31/2010 / 10:18

    I like that the quote made me think. And the pictures were cute, too!

  12. 08/31/2010 / 12:53

    lace and black pumps, you are a force to be reckon with <3

    my “glass” has chips all throughout and i try to keep some spare glue with me to patch it up as it goes. as long as its holding water, it wont matter if its half-full or half-empty 🙂 🙂


  13. 09/01/2010 / 17:56

    hahahaha dankjewel!(A)
    psst; je hebt diva niet staan bij het kopje; meet the people! ;o

  14. Brit
    09/07/2010 / 14:11

    Heel mooi geschreven!

  15. DMD_
    09/08/2010 / 17:37

    third picture. (L)
    je hebt nog wat goed te maken voor die audioo hahaa..

  16. 11/03/2010 / 20:34

    Mooie outfit! Mag ik vragen waar je die motief vandaan hebt? Die je op de foto hebt geplakt? Ik vind hem erg mooi 😀