Monday I had such a fun shoot! Florens asked me to assist during his foodshoot. Oh my. After shooting a dish we had to eat it, other wise it would be a waste of food of course.. Yeah, I know. Worst job ever. To make it even worse, we also shot some cocktails. Those might have ended up in my hands too…

After that we went for a walk to the Markthal. Well okay, we looked for some Pokestops and Pokemon. We did found some cool ones! We also had an ice cream, to make up for the bad day haha!

We took some photo’s of my casual outfit (perfect to work in). I still love this bomber. Super when the weather is a little in between. The bomber barely takes up room in my bag, but still warms me from the cold wind.

But what I wanted to say was, us dummies took the photo’s and realized later that the manual focus was on….. Ooops. Blooper. And a big one too. Thank got there were a few good photo’s. And oh, you can see my new hair, the front is a bit shorter.

Did you ever had photo’s ruined like this? Do you even like my hair? Anddddd are you playing Pokemon?

SheIn bomber*
H&M shirt
Ivy&Amy jeans
Nike sneakers
Paul’s boutique bag*
Primark sunglasses

* Items are gifted

Photo’s by Florens Baan