Friday was the second day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. My first day tho. I was really excited for all the SS16 collections. I had 6 shows that day and was extremely tired after it all. For the first two shows I brought a close friend of mine, Florens. Of course we went trough all kind of lengths to make sure we matched outfits.

The noir near future collection was the first catwalk show. I was really surprised by the collection. I am not really a kind of girl who wears a pattern. But I would probably wear it all if I had the chance. I love the white jacket with silver shiny pieces. There were also two dresses with a glitch pattern. As you might have read, I recently did a glitch project for my photography. So yeah. This was an amazing start of the day!

This season I was again at the Army of me show. Just like the previous collection there were minimal pieces and lots of layers and lengths. I was surprised by the white items. I would love to see some men wearing it!!

Zyanya Keizer her show was everything. There was flour on the floor, and the girls had to walk over it. It gave a dreamy effect. The collection was really detailed. Lots of fringes and wool. I had a little fairy vibe. The earthy colors had probably something to do with it.

The Tony Cohen show was amazing all over again. I had seats in the back so the photo’s are a bit shitty. Lots of black and white looks and loose fabrics.

Futura was a mens collection. It was something really different. The music was really loud and happy. The boys wore a lot of colors for the first looks and later their toned it a bit down. I had a Ken vibe. The pieces were all a bit square and the guys looked all really good. I really liked the black coat!

 The Lichting show was a competition. 14 just graduated fashion students showed 5 pieces each. So there was a lot to see. I liked some better then others of course. But I was really happy with the winner, Nikki Duijst. Her collection was really one of the best.