Saturday was a quit day for me. I had 3 show to go to. But I was still super siked for the other shows. And secretly a little bit happy I could sleep longer!

The Tailor&Elbaz show was really cute. Outside were all kinds of characters of Alice in Wonderland. Which was also the theme. The cookie was delicious! When entering the catwalk area, I adored the settings. The green grass, the toads and flowers. All so cute. For the collection. It sure was Alice in Wonderland. I am not the girly kinda of girl. But there were some items I would like to have!! It was all cute and very doll-ish.

Susana Bettencourt her show was very light. The clothes looked really comfy for summer and even a bit sporty. The first dresses were amazing. But I really liked the grey and bouncy sporty looks.

I was most amazed with Monique Collignon. Her show was all about earth, water, fire and wind. Everything was right. The collection with the elements, the music, I love the make up. It was all very good. Earth was pretty. With neutral colors and a bit lighter green. Water was most of all blue, but also yellow and green. It made me think of coral and cute little fishes. Red, orange and pink were the colors of fire. Bolder looks and even some color blocking. Wind was mind blowing. Most of it was black and white. But all the pieces were so elegant. Good show!