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‘ Hello there. Just an other mobile blog, because my laptop is fine now. But my photo’s aren’t. They are all gone.. As you can understand I crased.. Somehow my back up with al my photo’s got the virus as well. So it was all gone.. thank karma my uncle could do something a bout it! So i have al my 6600 photo’s back but al with the same name unorganised.. So I’ll be spending a lot of hours reorganising everything. So this picture was on my phone. It was a school assingment. You had to introduce yourself. How to introduce myself better then with all my shoes?’
Verzonden vanaf mijn BlackBerry®-toestel


6 Reacties

  1. 09/20/2010 / 00:23

    Wowww!!!! How many shoes!!! LOL


    PS: Hope to see u in my blog! =)

  2. 09/20/2010 / 13:42

    Ik hou van jou & van jou schoenen!

    Liefs Patty & de uk

  3. 09/20/2010 / 18:54

    tof gedaan!(:
    en aaawh je katje moest er weer bij op. leukleukleuk!x

  4. 09/20/2010 / 22:38

    i got a virus last week! i was so worried id lose all my files but thankfully i didnt. now i just need to get a memory chip to make sure everything is backed-up just incase it happens again!

    xoxo <3

  5. 09/24/2010 / 21:12

    Jou schoenen, echt jaloers HAHA! Echt een leuke foto!

  6. Brit
    10/03/2010 / 11:07

    wat een schoenen! leuke opdracht