Always when I think that things are going neatly or smoothly, something happens and will ruin it. Well, not in my life actually. I am more talking about my blog. When I got back on track, I lost is all again. After that I was quite consistent with the 2 posts a week, but I was being stupid and went to 3 posts a week. Which dramatically ended it not posting.

Personally it is really good. I am very happy with a lot of things. More things than ever. I feel good about a lot of things. Getting therapy and learning how to handle my emotions and my self is one of my best decisions ever. Every week it makes me think of something important. Last week I took some time to think about… well, uhm. about my current situation.

This situation isn’t what I want. I will do everything in my power to change it. I am working very hard on it. This all sounds very mysterious. I know, I know. But I promise when the situation has changed, I will tell you all about it. No details will be spared. I pinky promise!!

So Here I am typing away. What I though would be an outfit post with sucky pictures. Turned out to be a bit more personal. At least I was trying to get personal. I just couldn’t tell you shit. But what I wanted to say was that I am fine. More than fine actually. And I wanted to tell you that the regular posting will be back, two times a week. So I will see you soon.


4 Reacties

  1. Manon Margaretha
    03/01/2016 / 10:26

    Komt allemaal goed Joy, wel fijn dat je therapie helpt! x

    • 03/01/2016 / 11:35

      Dankjewel <3

  2. 03/02/2016 / 13:45

    Fijn dat je toch beter in je vel lijkt te zitten! Het klinkt wel een beetje mysterieus, maar je hoeft alleen te delen waar je zelf achter staat.

    • 03/04/2016 / 12:45

      Dance voor je fijne worden. Ik wil het wel delen, maar kan nu gewoon nog niet. Van wege de mensen die mijn blog lezen… Ik maak het nog erger denk ik?