Last Monday it was the start of the clean faces campaign. Guess what. A lot of woman don’t clean their faces, or only use water!! My grams taught me everything about cleaning your face and how to take care of it. So I brought her with me to the event!

A lot of natural beauties arrived in Amsterdam Monday. So we could all clean our face together to kick of the campaign. At first I was a little insecure, but now I am loving it. I even went the whole week without make up. I did wear my bb cream! In the first photo you can see me without my make-up. Yikes! There are also a few #nomakeup selfies on my Instagram.

My cleaning routine has been a hell for a few years. I tried a lot of things, from cheap to very expensive. But in the end, it didn’t all work out the way I wanted it. Once I tried Micellair water, and I been using it every since. During L’oreal University I got a chance to try out the Granier Hydra bom. I was happy to see Ganier had a gel, which I desperately need (I already have an oily skin, I don’t need creams). After Monday I can add the cleaning scrub and mask to my collection. Which works perfectly for me.

My skin routine? When I wake up I use the Garnier Micellair wipes* to clean up all the dirt or dead skin from the night. Before I apply make-up I use the Garnier BB cream*, the tint is perfect and I use it on #nomakeup days too. One downside, on hot days it gets too oily for my skin. In the evening I take off all my make up with Garnier Micellair water*. The 3 in 1 cleaning/scrub/mask* is only used two or three times a week. Last but not least, my personal fav, the Hydra bom by Garnier*. I feeds my skin, does it work and makes sure my skin doesn’t dry out, all with out making it too oily.

Do you use any of these products? Did you think I could go without make-up for a week haha. And oh, how do you clean your face?

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  1. Manon Margaretha
    09/02/2016 / 09:57

    Ik gebruik al jaren die scrub, heel fijn vind ik ‘m! En knap dat je een week make-up loos door het leven gaat! x