On the road – mobile bloggin

‘Hello chicks! How are you doing? I haven’t bloged in a while so it’s time! Nothing happend! Haha went shopping today that was so much fun! Tonight I’ll go to Rotterdam, will sleep there for a week! So in the car right now on my way home. Oh this moring the mailman brought me the tickets for Katy PerryKs california dream tour! Going with my bf! Yaaay can’t wait. Enjoy you sunday evening :)’


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  1. 10/24/2010 / 18:44

    leuke foto!

  2. 10/24/2010 / 19:10

    oehhh super leuuk!
    alvast veeel plezier

  3. 10/25/2010 / 12:55

    Leuk dat je naar Rotterdam gaat! En ook naar Katy Perry, tof :d.

  4. 10/25/2010 / 17:52

    Thanks for you comment & 'Je heb echt een heel leuke blog! Ik volg je!

  5. 10/25/2010 / 20:12

    hey beauty- how exciting katy perry is awesome. Such a sweet blog, thankyou for commenting and following me- it means a lot! Love you past posts that tv shot is brilliant, and i love your rings!Katie.xx

    fashion clocked

  6. Brit
    11/16/2010 / 19:03

    Katy perry! Aaah ben jaloers!