My legs are moving but my head doesn’t quite understand why. I never was much of a bike lover. I was a little princess who’s mommy brought her everywhere.
But hey, the sun is shining, and the temperature is more then nice. We decided to bike a little, take the dog and relax a bit in the sun. Bike a little, has turned into bike a lot. Maybe not for your standards, but defiantly for this little princess who loves her car.

It is not like I am out of breath when we reach the cute little cabin, but I am more than happy to sit in the sun while sipping some coke. Buddha is out of breath. He ran a long distance and he can barely stand the heath with all his fur.

The cabin is all wood. There are tables and chairs everywhere. A lot of people had the same idea as us. Going to the lake. As we walk passing tables Buddha annoys me a bit. He is trying to steal everybody’s food. I can’t blame him. That club sandwich really looks good. When we passed most of the seats, we find a table at the other side of the cabin, even closer to the water.

We’ve been chatting about al sorts of things. We talked about the people and their food, about the lake, about swimming and so on. Food. When my mind crossed that thought my stomach starts to rumble. I am guessing he would love to eat something too.

After the big question about what to eat we decided to share some fries. You know, we cycled all this way we should try to eat healthy this day. We also need to eat dinner later.

It was an afternoon where everything went smooth and nothing had to be done(except for eating fries!).


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  1. 06/02/2016 / 13:31

    Klinkt als een hele fijne trip naar het meer 🙂 Gewoon, lekker relaxed en gezellig. Heerlijk!