Party Friday, working Saturday and a lazy Sunday

“ Heeey! How are you guys? School is still so much fun! A classmate and I went out Friday night.. we danced all night long, spotted some cuties, took a few shots of tequila, laughed as hard as we could and sang as hard as we could! The way back home was also kinda funny :p. As soon as we were home we went knock out. And the next day I had to work.. Only till 3, thank karma. So took a quick shower and went to my grandmother’s. And today i appoint to lazy Sunday. Have a lazy Sunday yourself, enjoy. xx”

6 Reacties

  1. 09/26/2010 / 15:37

    Gezellig! Lekker aan de tequilashots geweest? Haha!

  2. 09/26/2010 / 16:35

    leuke foto's!
    en wow, jullie ogen zijn echt mooi.

  3. 09/26/2010 / 17:53

    you and her are DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!!! ohhh myyy godddd

  4. 09/27/2010 / 10:23

    Partyhardy! Nice pictures!

    Liefs Patty & de uk

  5. 09/27/2010 / 10:25

    Klinkt als een gezellig avondje stappen!

  6. Brit
    10/03/2010 / 11:05

    Haha party animal =]!