Photo’s by Jeroen Hillebregt

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When I ordered this blue jeans I never thought I would love it this much. I wore it with black and white last week. But this week I stepped up my game. I decided to go color blocking again. So I went with the most purple item I had. I paired it up with my favorite heels and a leather jacket. I was ready to go. Somehow I love the purple with the blue. What do you think?
What I wore:
Jacket: Mango
Blouse: Primark
Jeans: H&M
Heels: Sasha
Earrings: H&M
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21 Reacties

  1. 06/25/2013 / 20:01

    Gave combinatie! Je broek ziet er lekker fel uit 😀

  2. Maxime
    06/25/2013 / 20:54

    Ik zou het zelf niet dragen (teveel felle kleuren voor mij :P) Maar ik vind het jou wel heel leuk staan!

  3. 06/26/2013 / 00:02

    Wow, you look amazing angel.
    Love the colours and you just look so beautiful and natural <3

  4. 06/26/2013 / 03:46

    Superleuke outfit! Lekker stoer!

    Liefs, Jennifer

  5. 06/26/2013 / 19:58

    Wauw, wat een mooie foto's! De kleurencombinatie paars en blauw vind ik ook heel mooi.

  6. 06/27/2013 / 09:36

    I love color blocking, I'd color block everything, not just my outfit, my room, my car, even my dog.:D I've never thought of mixing blue and purple though, but it looks sooooo good together! Great outfit, babe, I LOVE it.

  7. 06/27/2013 / 12:21

    Prachtige foto's. Je hebt echt mooie ogen. <3