So finally the answers of the Q&A! I hope you enjoy them !

What’s your favorite fashion Item?
That depens on it. As in my closet or off all items. Off all items I must say it is shoes. You can never have enough shoes. They can make your outfit or break it!
What is your biggest dream?
To work hard for the job I love. Travel the world for it with the love of my life. Actually my biggest dream is that I will smile a lot and be happy.
Why did you started blogging and can you stop?
I once had a website I put thing on I liked. Then blogs started to appear and I wanted one too. I wasn’t serious about it first. I’ve been blogging life of joy for almost 5 years! I don’t know if I could stop. I think right now it is a life style. So no maybe not?
What is your favorite vacation destination?
I must say Ibiza. I love it there. But I also want to go to LA sometime. But I could go to Ibiza every month!
How did you come up with the idea of blogging?
Like I said blogging was upcoming. I really liked it. I use to write little stories on that website I had. So going to Blogger.com and started was an easy and quick decision!
Are you a Winter, summer, spring or fall type?
Hard question. I love all seasons. I love summer because of the long days. The rest from school. But I think it is spring. I love when you get all happy about the summer and you can see flowers again temperatures are rising. Yes spring.
Who is the most important in your life?
Wauw. I must choose? I can’t. I must say my mom. For all the support and all we’ve been trough together. But My best friend is also a big deal! We’ve been friends for almost 7 years. I would give my life for his.
Are you in love?
Very personal! Haha. I don’t know. I really like where I am with my life. I am starting to appreciate things more. I think for the first time I am in love with the life I am living. So yes I think?
How many tattoo’s do you have?
Lovely question! I have 6 tattoo’s right now. I have a little cat behind my ear. A crown on my shoulder. Hope and a infinity sign on my wrists. The word serendipity in my arm and a camera on my ankle. I do want more tho. But sshhh don’t tell my mom!
What is your favorite shop?
I don’t really have one shop I really love I go all kinds of places to buy new stuff. But lately I can always score something at mango. I love their new collection!
We never see something about your dad what happened to him?
I wasn’t sure I was going to answer this one. But why not? I have the best stepdad in the whole world. And my real father is just an ass and coward.
What is you favorite tv show?
Dexter! I loveeeee that show. But Vampire diaries is also a best show ever. I just watched season 1 till 3 all over again!
If you could marry a male celebrity who would it be?
Funny question! When I was little I use to cut out pictures of Will Smith and his wife and pasted my head on hers. I know, I was little! But if I had to make a choice I would say Chris Hemsworth. He is cute, handsome and he has something casual I think. Or Valerio, He is a dutch. But very hot. And he had a thing for shoes!!
What kind of guy is your type?
Ohh. I don’t really have a type. As long as he is sweet and kind. But it would be a big plus if he love fashion. But I can always teach him right? haha.
You started you own company. Why and what do you expect from it.
I just wanted all to be official. I’ve always wanted to do a job I love. Some people call it stupid. But I don’t really care about the money. I want to do something with my heart. To get up and be proud of myself how hard I worked and how much I love my job.
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  1. 08/11/2013 / 10:39

    Zo leuk om te lezen! En ook wel leerzaam.
    Ik vind dat je heel mooi hebt beschreven dat je verliefd ben op je leven zoals het nu is. Heel inspirerend 🙂


  2. 08/11/2013 / 16:02

    Leuke vragen! Hele mooie antwoorden heb je ook gegeven 🙂
    6 tatoo's.. wauw! En ik durf de stap nog niet eens te nemen naar 1 kleintje..

  3. 08/11/2013 / 20:40

    Dankje wel meis! Betekend heel veel voor me 🙂

  4. 08/12/2013 / 11:32

    Wat heb je dit prachtig verwoord. Volgens mij ben jij een spontaan mens! <3

  5. 08/12/2013 / 13:46

    Erg leuk om te lezen ^^