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Yes! I loved the last Queens day! Queens night was amazing. Jeroen and I decided to go spontaneously to Rotterdam. Party with Laura. so much fun, hihi. And on Queens day Laura and I had such a nice day. We started our day at the the main street in our little town. My little niece was selling all kinds of old stuff. After that we went to the city. There was a Fun fair. we at to much!! Went it to some crazy spinning super fast attraction. We enjoyed the sun. After a few hours at the fun fair we went to the beach. To meet with my mom and step-dad. Dinner at the beach. A beach walk and a lovely dessert at the beach. When we got home we watched a movie. Could that day be any better?
What I wore:
Jacket: unknown
Shirt: Forever21
Scarf: H&M
Jeans: Only
Shoes: Shoe line
Sunglasses: C&A
Bag: Primark
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17 Reacties

  1. 05/01/2013 / 12:23

    Ahhh echt hele mooie foto's Joy! Leuke dag heb je gehad!


  2. 05/01/2013 / 12:37

    Toffe outfit! Staat je heel mooi.

  3. 05/01/2013 / 15:45

    Great outfit and beautiful photos!
    What lens do you use?

  4. 05/01/2013 / 18:45

    Je ziet er super leuk uit, lekker zomers !
    En nomnom die suikerspin !

  5. 05/01/2013 / 19:41

    Klinkt als een fijne dag! En je outfit is ook erg leuk!

    Xx Alex

  6. 05/01/2013 / 21:16

    Mooie subtiele queensday outfit! Ziet er uit als een heel gezellige dag!!
    Je laarsjes heb ik ook 😀

  7. 05/02/2013 / 14:03

    Leuke sjaal :)!

  8. 05/02/2013 / 18:41

    Leuke outfit! En die kleur geel staat je mooi 🙂

  9. 05/02/2013 / 20:47

    Party in Rotterdam? That sounds pretty perfect too me!:D And I want your scarf, babe!! They sell those in H&M?!

    Have to go check that out. Hope you're having an amazing day!!;)

  10. 05/03/2013 / 09:34

    Super leuke foto's!
    En een hele mooie outfit. Ik vind je sjaaltje heel tof.

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug