I never think of myself as some one with a lot of clothes. Looking at these photo’s and thinking about all the items that were still in the laundry and all the things I have changed since I took the photo’s. I have to admit, I might have a lot of clothes. So here I am typing this story about my closet, or better my room. How I organize it and where I keep all my stuff. Something fresh and something else than usual. Are you ready?

This is the view when you come up the stairs and look to the left. In the little dresser in the left are pen, iPhone covers and candles. Just stuff I guess. The dresser next to is has my lingerie in the top drawer and my pajama’s in the one under it. The lowest drawer is full with shoes. The middle dresser is full with jeans, sport stuff and more shoes. The dresser to the right has some other pants in it, a drawer for Laura her stuff and one more drawer with shoes!

As you might know I am a control and organize freak. I organize my clothes on color. And in this way I can see all the jeans and pants I have when I open the drawer.

life of joy5.1All the bottom drawers are full with shoes. Of course, they are organized in color. As you can see there is still room for a few more heels!

A few weeks ago I changed my room, after that I run to the IKEA to get one more clothing rack. I like it when thing are symmetrical. It gives me rest. Plus I really needed one. All these thing would have never fit on one.

This is the other half of my room. I am still working on finding good looking boxes in stead of all the shoes. I love to sleep in a corner, all curled up between a sea of blankets and pillows. The big dresser is the fullest dresser. All my beauty products are in it, make-up, hair stuff, other cosmetics. All my bracelets are in it, my belts , sunglasses and all my perfume. I have a drawer full with socks and stockings. And the bottom drawer are my bikinis and some open space(yay).

There used to be a tv on this shelf, like 5 years ago. But I always kept it to put things on it. I got a doll which has al my hats on it. The mirror was a gift. You can storage jewelry in it :). There are also earrings in the little turquoise heart shaped box. The photo’s need to be replaces though.

The most important part of all is where most of the clothes are! In the left are are my blouses and shirts that have to hang. Under it I keep my bags and above it are more hats, caps and beanies. Left on the shelf is where I keep my scarfs. The middle part is where I fold everything. At the op are all my clutches, under that I keep my tops. Under the tops are the shirts and under the shirts are the sweaters (typing this makes me feel obsessive). All the way to the bottom are my Uggs. The right closet I call the girly one. Here are my dresses. Above the dresses are my skrirty(left) and shorts(right) My boots are also in this closet just like my other sneakers(more space).


IF you ever want to organize your clothes( or DVD’s) you know where to find the contro-lish, organizing and obsessive freak!


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  1. 07/04/2014 / 16:38

    Wat is jou kamer mooi opgeruimd en netjes! En wat heb je een hoop kleding en schoenen zeg, wauw!

    • Anoniem
      07/13/2014 / 20:52

      Ik vind het altijd wel mee vallen aha oops

  2. 07/05/2014 / 13:31

    Oh wauw dat ziet er mooi en netjes uit! Wel een heeel groot verschil met mijn kleding haha leuk!