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I had a very busy day. It will be a very busy two week. But I ‘ll try to update as much as I can! Let me tell you my schedule Tomorrow I have school from 8 till 5 ( fuck yes…). Thursday morning a photoshoot in the studio. After that I going to ride my bike for an hour(I want to sport more often), in the evening I have to work a few hours. Friday I have class in the morning and in the afternoon a photoshoot in the studio! After dinner I am going for jog :). Saturday I have to work all day and have a relaxed evening. Sunday is also filled with work…. Then Monday morning the 25th I have a photoshoot in the morning, class that afternoon, dog school in the evening and a jogging session. Tuesday I have morning classes and a photoshoot afterwards that. An evening swim later that day. Wednesday more morning classes(how boring?) and again a photoshoot in the afternoon. Thursday morning a studio photoshoot and work in the evening. Friday some classes and a photoshoot on location. That Saturday I have to work again. BUT(!!) Sunday will be my day off in 20(!!) days. I can not wait. Wish me luck. I will need it with this busy schedule…

What I wore:
Tunic: Warehouse
Jean: primark
Shoes: present from mom
Birkin: present from boyfriend
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12 Reacties

  1. 03/19/2013 / 22:17

    Super leuke outfit Joy,gave rode schoenen!
    Wat een leuke foto no 4sta je echt heel lief op!

  2. 03/19/2013 / 23:18

    Nice look. I LOVE LOVE the shoes!

  3. 03/20/2013 / 14:38

    Love your shoooes !!!!<3

  4. 03/20/2013 / 19:00

    super leuke outfit! en een prachtige tas!

    fashionate (i'm following you)

  5. 03/21/2013 / 12:21

    Mooie foto's en schoenen! Leuke blog!