Shopping isn’t just a hobby

“ Don’t you just hate it when you go to town to have a nice evening with your friend and you keep walking proudly along all the shopping windows. But then there is this one thing that meets your eye. You stop. You’re still thinking: O don’t need it, although it would match perfectly with.. No! People are annoyed because you’re still standing in the middle of the road, that’s why you decided to go in with in your mind to only buy one thing. And don’t you just hate it that it is the moment you admitted to your shopping addiction you can’t stop anymore? And you end up buying way more then you should, more then you could? It happened to me yesterday. On the pic you can see my new long gilet, self-made Chanel tee and my new shoes(other pics will come). Enjoy your weekend :)! ” gilet; tailly wail – shirt; self made – jeans; jeans store – shoes; tailly wail

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  1. 04/16/2010 / 21:56


  2. 04/16/2010 / 22:24

    damn those are hot shoes!

  3. 04/16/2010 / 23:23

    vet mooie schoenen (l)


  4. 04/17/2010 / 09:41

    Heel erg leuk!

  5. 04/17/2010 / 12:03

    mooie schoenen !

  6. 04/18/2010 / 10:47

    hahaha, ik snap wat je bedoelt (:
    leuke outfit!

  7. 04/18/2010 / 14:40

    Ik heb dat ook zoo vaak! Soms wel lastig haha. Nu al helemaal ik jouw schoenen zie! I adore it! <3 Prachtig om er mee te lopen. <3


  8. Brit
    04/19/2010 / 12:00

    woooow je schoenen zijn gaaf!!! je chanel shirt is ook goed gelukt!!

  9. 04/19/2010 / 12:20

    Oeeeeeeeeeeeh nice shoeeeeeeees!

    xxx Patty

  10. 04/19/2010 / 18:21