“Thats how I feel. I just didn’t had the time. I also have a new job at a clothing store for the winter. Today school started! Guess what. Tha funny guy and I are in the same class. Haha after 3 years of high school together, we are finally reunited. So this is going to be my year. The pictures were made buy tha funny guy. Today we had a fun day to get to know the class. We ended up making pictures with the dianna and having an hour and a halfbreak, haha :)”

6 Reacties

  1. 08/28/2012 / 22:29

    Mooie foto's, en super leuk je diana:)


  2. 08/29/2012 / 14:15

    Leuke foto's! Wat leuk voor je dat je bij je beste vriend (?) in de klas zit nu!

  3. 08/31/2012 / 18:50

    oeeeh die diana!
    wat leuk trouwens dat 'the funny guy' bij je in de klas zit!

  4. 09/05/2012 / 13:24

    Totally in love with everything in the last picture…
    You, clothes, camera, everything 🙂