I am one lucky girl. Accor Hotels invited me to stay in one of their pretty hotels, with one of my friends. I chose the Suite Novotel Luxembourg. I’ve never been to Luxembourg, and neither was Elles. Saturday morning we left our home town to drive 3,5 hours to the hotel.

On the road we talked a lot, from boys to songs, and from stupid jokes to serious issues. We just had a few stops along the way before we got to the hotel. Once we checked in and were going up in the elevator, nerves were going through my body. Everybody wants to know what their room looks like? Like two teenage girls seeing one-direction, we were screaming. Such an amazing room. Well, suite.

We were welcomed by a personal message, champagne and chocolate. How cute? Half an hour later, after looking in every corner of the room, and trying everything out, we went to the city center. Luxembourg is such a cute place. All streets, shops and food plaza’s. Later in the afternoon we walked to the Casemates. The longest bunker (in Europe I thought?). But is was nice to see. We enjoyed the view.

When we got back to the hotel we took our time to change outfits and do our make-up. Around 9 we went back (we got a free bus ride because we both wore shirt skirts;)) to the city for dinner (delicious steak) and some drinks (cocktails and Vodka red bull).

The next morning we got up around 10 for breakfast. This was one hell of a good breakfast. A lot of choices and everything was fresh and fully stocked. We discussed going back to our room and stay in that bed for ever. Too bad that wasn’t an option. But when we asked if we could check out later, it was no problem. So we decided to hang out in the room some more, and leave later on the day back to our home town.

I really enjoyed Luxembourg. It was such a pretty little town. But most of all, thank you to Accor Hotels for inviting me, Suite Novotel Luxembourg for having me, and their kind team who made us feel so welcome! Last but not least, thank you Elles for driving and for making my jaw hurt from laughing.


6 Reacties

  1. Lisette
    08/16/2015 / 14:18

    Wauw het ziet er super mooi uit zeg! Lijkt me ook wel leuk om daar eens heen te gaan!

  2. Diolifestyle
    08/16/2015 / 17:04

    Leuk verslag! Luxemburg is een mooie stad!

  3. 08/19/2015 / 15:16

    Super leuk!

  4. Kathelijne v/d Meer
    08/23/2015 / 16:13

    Looks so nice! You are one lucky girl!

  5. Florens
    08/24/2015 / 21:39

    That suite looks amazing!

  6. Elisabete Fernandes
    08/24/2015 / 21:46

    Waaauw everything looks so pretty