“As promised a long long time ago. But now here it is. Let me explain please. I took this crown because of my mom. She is the queen of my world, and I am her little princess. She always taught me to act like a princess, be kind and you will reward kindness. She taught me to be feminine, elegant and a little sexy.  I just love tattoo’s. I see it as a decoration but you already knew. But four is enough for now :). ”

5 Reacties

  1. 09/07/2012 / 13:23

    Wauw die is mooi!


  2. 09/07/2012 / 18:16

    Wat onwijs gaaf! Je mams kan trots op je zijn 🙂 XX

  3. 09/09/2012 / 03:31

    Wow well in my opinion the crown tattoo looks awesome on your back…I am so much pleased to hear that you were so attached to your mom.