“ I’ve always found that tattoos are inspiring. It is really a true art. Some people adore tattoos, some disgust them and some simply don’t care if you have one or not. Some people think your body is a temple, but I wonder how long you can live in a house before you redecorate? When I got my tattoo I made some appointments to take pictures in that tattoo shop. Had an amazing time, seeing those tattoos come to live and just to hear the people talking about those tattoos. Yesterday my mom finally got her birthday present. A tattoo. Carpe diem on her arm, you can see it on the last pic. Carpe diem means seize the day!”


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  1. 04/12/2011 / 19:37

    Wauw, carpe diem wil ik ook heel graag. deze is echt mooi!

  2. 04/12/2011 / 19:55

    wauw, hele mooie foto's! die van je moeder is echt heel gaaf, “carpe diem” is zo ie zo al heel mooi! XX

  3. 04/12/2011 / 20:54

    i think tattoos are an art. i don't really like the sleeves as much (for me), but i don't see anything wrong with something on your wrist, or on your back, or something that you love. i've met this woman who had a tattoo of her dog on her arm, and it was beautiful.

  4. 04/13/2011 / 01:49

    i was debating getting 5 black birds tattooed on the outside of by forearm… it seems like it would look pretty, but im still not sure yet..

    xoxo <3

  5. 04/13/2011 / 07:38

    looove it!!
    great blog!

  6. 04/13/2011 / 15:12

    ge-wel-dige foto's!!
    tattoos zijn kunst, dat valt gewoon niet te ontkennen 🙂

  7. 04/13/2011 / 20:26

    Wauw, hele mooie foto's.
    Het is zeker kunst <3
    Liefs, xxx

  8. 04/13/2011 / 20:39

    Ik ben zelf geen liefhebber van tattoo's, maar sommige kunnen wel mooi zijn, zoals de laatste hier! Maar toch blijf ik het altijd zonde vinden van je huid haha.

  9. 04/14/2011 / 02:37

    wow! nice! :]

  10. 04/14/2011 / 17:01

    ja en ze waren er ook in het grijs geloof ik! & goed dat je je zoiets bedenkt haha, zou ik ook eens moeten doen.

  11. 04/14/2011 / 17:08

    gaaf, ik zelf hou alleen van hele kleine tattoos, maar zou zelf nooit een tattoo nemen. weet eigenlijk niet waarom. ;p