The answers

“Found some answers my self today. You can say life is a puzzle and you collect puzzle pieces till the end. I found some important pieces today. And of course your answers! Some people send me some questions via mail, going to answer them here.

What are some of your favorite clothing stores or brands?I Love H&M! Haha, but I also like to shop at Bershka and Zara. I’m still a student and can’t afford much, and since most of my money is spend on shoes.. Witch i practically buy everywhere.
do you shop for vintage clothing too?Yes I love to go to vintage stores! It’s just my luck that I can’t find that much. Too bad!
Do you have a boyfriend?Haha, no I don’t. You can say I’m in love with love 🙂
From where comes your inspiration?Hmm tough question! I love to see all kinds of pictures on tumblr and weheartit, But inspiration is everywhere. As I walk down the street or in my dreams. Just everywhere.
What’s your favorite make-up brand?L’oréal for sure!
What make-up do you daily use?L’oréal’s true match super blending powder. And I’m not a big fan of L’oréal’s mascara’s, so I have one of maybelline, Truly love it. When I use eyeliner, I use the liquid black eyeliner of L’oréal.
Did you quit your school to study photography?Yes I did. I know it’s risky but I really wanted this and my mom supported me completely!
What do you want to do in the future?I really don’t know. I’m a big dream and I Learned to overestimate your chances. But I wanna do something with my creativity
Do you want to have kinds, how many?Haha, yes I do! One maybe two!
Could you show us some of your school work?As a matter of fact I was busy with it! This picture was an assingment, will show more!
Thanks for all your questions! Enjoy your weekend! Lots of love, Joy

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  1. 11/19/2010 / 22:51

    Leuk dit! En mooie foto.

  2. 11/20/2010 / 15:23

    love the picture!

  3. 11/21/2010 / 13:26

    meid gweldig zo die vragen! Weten we weer meer van je (:
    en en en; jaaa, die foto is leuk!!

  4. 11/21/2010 / 20:48

    oh meid ik ben nog altijd zooo dol op je blog!
    ik kan er geen genoeg van krijgen ghihi

  5. 11/22/2010 / 14:17

    Dankje! En ik kijk echt (bijna) elke dag op je blog hihi, laat meestal alleen geen reactie achter. Maar ga zo door, je maakt prachtige foto's!

  6. 11/24/2010 / 07:40

    thats beautiful- i agree, inspiration comes from anywhere. i randomly find myself smiling sporadically on a day to day basis..whenever something aesthetically beautiful comes into focus <3