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Had a photoshoot today and had to carry a lot of stuff that’s why I carry the suitcase around :). This bag means the world to me. It is an vintage mango bag. My grandma bought it a few years ago in Ibiza. Ever since I loved and wanted that bag (The inside is my favorite colour!). This year she promised me she would buy a new bag in Ibiza this summer, and give me her old one. The story gets even better. On my 20th birthday that perfect moment was there when my grandma grabbed her bag to give me my present. IT WAS THE BAG! It was the best moment of my life. There were also all kinds off Chanel lotions in it. BUT I loved the bag the first time I saw it. My grandma wore this bag everyday the last few years. She loved the bag and she was careful with it. This bag means the world to me. I love my grandma!
What I wore:
Jeans: ONLY
Blouse: Pimark
Faux fur coat: WE
Hat: H&M
Bag: Vintage mango
Suitcase: IKEA
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    Mooie outfit en wat schrijf je leuk! Hippe oma heb je trouwens dat ze bij Mango shopt.