The Eopean music awards 2009 Berlin

“hi guys. I’m totally bored. i have absolutely nothing,except a lot (believe me a lot) of home work, nothing to do. I’m still sick but i getting better! and i wanna tank you all for al the sweet messages of wish i get well soon! big kisses for that! i hope i can shop tomorrow! i can’t buy much ‘cauz i do not have to work for 2 weeks. it makes 3 weeks no working( Sunday i also didn’t have to work) it’s great i mean i like to shop instead. but if i don’t work i won’t be able to shop! thank god i have parents 😉 oohh! have you watched the EMA’s? oh god they bored me to! i mean last year was really good! and Katy did a wonderfull job with al the clothes changes! but this year i saw her like three times? and most of the awards went to people who didn’t actually deserve it. i mean beyonce went home with three awards! come on! three! and her performance wasn’t that good. it stopped at the moment i just taught it started.. and I’m not even ganna talk about shakira’s performance! so it’d better be good next year because a friend and i wanna walk the fan walk! nice right? but ganna stop still have to read shopaholic and baby for school. witch i think is boring i don’t like the fact Becky is so suspicious about Luke and venitia. and she doesn’t even shop? and I’m already half way the book. but really ganna stop! the pics are from the EMA’s because i still look like shit! Xx Joy”


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  1. 11/07/2009 / 16:15

    de EMA's vervelen me altijd, omdat het elk jaar allemaal een beetje het zelfde is naar mijn mening maarja! (:

    Muhahha, ik hoop ook voor je dat je kan gaan shoppen, i mean, jij werkt, ik niet, maar ik ga ook veel shoppen haha!


  2. 11/08/2009 / 14:27

    ik heb het neit eens gekeken!
    shame on me!

  3. 11/08/2009 / 15:47

    Veel Beterschap!

    Liefs xx'

  4. 11/08/2009 / 16:06

    Green day! <3
    ik mocht de EMA's niet zien van mams want ik moest gaan slapen xD
    maar ik had wel een klein stukje ervan gezien.
    ik vind die jurk van katy perry grappig met die gaten erin geheh

  5. Marieke
    11/09/2009 / 20:02

    leuke foto's!
    ik heb maar een klein stukje gekeken :$