The hair drama

“ Okay. I am completely lost. I want something with my hair but I am in doubt. I really like every thing. And I want to ask for help, what do you think that suits me best? I’ve selected some coupes.

1, The pony, I love it on her. two ways you can wear is and of course multiple options but I like it straightened and with curls as well. But does is make me looks younger?

2, Short. everytime I see her with her hair I want to grab siccors and cut it again. Love it! The second picture it is really short, I am in serious doubt!!

3, Dip dye. I really enjoyed my dip. I loved the colour but what about a little funk? I like both colours but what to choose?

You can vote on the poll in the left upper corner of my blog. Option 1: long. Option 2: Short. Option 3: blond. Option 4: the pony. Option 5: Dip dye. Option 6: colour stripes. If you like a combination like short and blond tell me! Vote for the poll and tell me what you voted. I would like to know who thinks what :)”



2 Reacties

  1. 09/26/2012 / 14:37

    Ik heb het zelfde ! Ik ga morgen naar de kapper en ik twijfel nog steeds of ik voor een korte coup zal gaan ! Haar staat het echt geweldig !
    En voor jou, hmm, ik zou voor optie 2 gaan !

  2. 09/26/2012 / 16:47

    Ik vind je haar bij foto 1 erg mooi bij je staan! Hierbij ga ik ook voor de bruine kleur die je daar hebt 🙂