The Najib Amhali pics

“Oh I’m very late with the pics :$(shame on me)! As you can see these are the pictures from the Najib Amhali show! I had such a fun! The pics with my bf weren’t that fun ;). So I skipped them. And even more shame on me! I promised to make some pics of my room! Oh my gosh. Well at least i know what to do today(after my home work is finished)! I might post them tonight but i think it will be tomorrow :p. And for the ones who are dying of curiosity ;). Ice skating was great!! After Ice skating we drunk some hot chocolate milk. When we were all warmed up we went to my house to see a movie. Well it became four movies :$. I really really like him! Oh almost forgot, for all the dutch would you like to fill in this from for me? It is really important for school thanx!”


7 Reacties

  1. 12/30/2009 / 15:16

    hihi, dus je gaat nog een keer met hem daten of zoiets?
    haha, alvast een gelukignieuwjaar. (L)

  2. 12/30/2009 / 17:39

    hahaha wat leuk 😀
    wahhaah jullie hebben veel films gezen xD
    waren ze leuk?

  3. 12/30/2009 / 20:58

    Hij is echt zo leuk en grappig!!

  4. 12/31/2009 / 00:15

    dankjewel voor je reactie, jij ook een hele fijne jaarwisseling!

  5. 12/31/2009 / 00:20

    zijn show lijkt me echt vet!

  6. 01/01/2010 / 14:09

    Bedankt, jij ook! Gaaf dat je naar Najib bent geweest :).

  7. 01/03/2010 / 21:42

    Ik wil ook kunnen drummen!