We are 10 minutes from home, both singing along to a Mehgan Trainor song. With a little doubt in my voice I say ‘Mom?’ ‘Yes.’ She answers in her normal voice. Okay, yes. This is a good sign. I can ask her. ‘Can we stop somewhere to take some outfit photo’s?’ She replies with: ‘ I’ll go left here okay?’

As usual taking the photo’s goes well. Perfect even. Mom pulls some tricks out of here sleeve. When she hand me the camera she says ‘yeah that’s right, who takes the best outfit photo’s?’ I look a little surprised at her. ‘You said it yourself on your blog.’ It comes out of her mouth in a teasing way. I toll my eyes a bit,s he obviously read this post. I say to her ‘ I know mom, you are the best thank you.’

H&M shirt
H&M leather pants
Vero moda poncho
Zara chain boots
Mango bag
Chanel sunglasses


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  1. 09/18/2015 / 09:54

    Hij is mooi meis!<3 XO

    • 09/18/2015 / 21:11

      Ja hij is ook heel fijn warm 🙂