It was time for a personal post again. Jeez, I don’t quite know where to start.

First of all. Things are great. I mean really great. Getting counseling to help me out with my health really works out. I think a lot about things and always seem to learn more about myself or learn to see things from a different angle.

I am now more and more in control my emotions. I can channel them and understand them better. I also recognize my emotions as soon as there a little sings. Do not get me wrong, I can still explode of anger, or be extreme hyper due to my happiness. I am not perfect. I can not hold it all together always. So hey, I am not there yet, but I am doing my absolute best to be the absolute best me I can be.

Second thing… I am super busy with work. I want to buy a new car, and go on an other vacation. So I will work more days. Which means less time to do other stuff. And since I am already fully booked on my free days (family, friends, boyfriend). Which I love to do, because my social life means a lot to me. And I occasionally need a day to myself, shaving, scrubbing, facial masks and chocolate. Which we all need for time to time.

Don’t get al panicked. I am not going anywhere! But for now, I need more time for other things and people. It pains me a lot, because blogging is something I love to do. I put my whole heart and soul in it. I just don’t want to spoil all that when I have to blog late ate night or a little bit against my will. So from now on you have to settle for two posts a week.

No goodbyes, just see you soon.


6 Reacties

  1. 11/10/2015 / 09:10

    Heel begrijpbaar meissie. Gewoon eventjes aan jezelf denken nu! XO

    • 11/19/2015 / 19:39

      Jaa ga ik ook zeker doen 🙂

  2. Keys of Anouk
    11/12/2015 / 21:58

    Heel begrijpbaar dat je minder blogt.. Lekker genieten van je tijd hoor Joy! Super belangrijk als je zoveel onderweg bent 🙂 xo

    • 11/19/2015 / 19:39

      Thanks cutie, ik heb jouw blogje ook wel gemist hoor!!

  3. 11/12/2015 / 23:14

    Heel begrijpbaar inderdaad! Lekker doen wat je wil doen en op een tempo die fijn voor je is. Fijn dat alles zo goed gaat! Lekker vooruitzicht, een nieuwe auto en een vakantie. 🙂 x

    • 11/19/2015 / 19:38

      Dankjewel lieverd!