This has to be my new favorite to go outfit. I am not that keen on re-using an complete look, but there are a few days when it doesn’t quite matter how you look and you just want to be comfortable. Or those days when you are so late you only have 5 minutes. So I put on my Zara leggings, a sweater and my favorite booties. Like I said. Ready to go in 5 minutes.

That day I was a little light headed. Wearing my glasses always helps. I need to learn to wear them whenever I am working on my laptop. I would be better for my eyes and head.

Do you wear glasses? And what is your to go outfit when you only got 5 minutes?

Zara sweater
Zara leggings
Zara chain boots
Mango bag
Ibiza scarf
Polette glasses *
* Items are gifted