Try walking in my shoes

“ Do You know the feeling when you see a hot guy and he looks in your eyes and it feels like you are melting? That’s what happening to me when I see one of them. But instead they won’t get jealous when you pick an other. They will always stay there, waiting for you to pick them out an make a glamorous look. If they hurt you, you can easily forgive them. Just because they look so damn good with your new top. You can never have enough of them. They can be life changing, I mean Cinderella is the living proof that one of them can change your whole world. They make you feel famine and gorgeous, not to forget elegant. I wouldn’t know what to do without them. If there is a girl who doesn’t love them, she is crazy. They are the best. I love shoes. ”


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    05/18/2010 / 20:49

    wat leuk geschreven!
    echtt superr!

    zou ff denke dat het over…. ging


  2. 05/19/2010 / 00:12

    oh if i could only step into ur closet for a day.. or hey i should say “if i could walk a mile in ur shoes” hehe <3

    shoes shoes shoes every woman's love

  3. 05/19/2010 / 12:31

    haha, serieus, ik dacht net als Pinar dat je het over een jongen had, bleek het over schoenen te gaan haha. leuk geschreven :)!
    nog 1,5 week en dan heb ik VAKANTIEEEEEE jeeh

  4. 05/19/2010 / 12:39

    weer super geschreven!

  5. 05/20/2010 / 11:03

    Wauw, dat je daar op kunt lopen!? Halleluja [A]
    But, they are amazing [L]

    xxx Patty

  6. 05/20/2010 / 16:04

    Prachtige verzameling heb je! Zijn de eerste paar van H&M?

  7. 05/20/2010 / 20:20

    Joy, maak me niet zo jaloers!

  8. 05/24/2010 / 09:58

    Nice! 😀

  9. 05/25/2010 / 17:25

    haha wat een leuk verhaaltje! en helemaal gelijk heb je. mooie foto ook, ik zit echt gelukzalig naar jouw verzameling schoenen te kijken haha.

  10. 05/31/2010 / 19:18

    oh loving the floral print pair at the front:)xxscisi