“ Yaay! So happy got a new car :). Mom did this! Still have to pay a lot back but at least I can drive now :). I love the car. Love the black, matches with everything. The open roof is a dream! And it drives well. Also busy with finding a new job. Seems like I’m not good enough for a shop? Anyways got one day off so I did a lot. Next three day I will be working…. And the weather is going to be amazing here. Welcome to the hard life. Talk to you guys on monday :)! PS. wearning my new top.”

2 Reacties

  1. 08/16/2012 / 20:01

    Super gaaf dat je een autootje hebt! Volgens mij heb jij een hele lieve mams! Veel plezier ermee! XX

  2. 08/17/2012 / 12:48

    Wow, lucky you. Zo'n mooie auto! Maar je werkt er ook hard voor. Je nieuwe top staat je mooi!