two minded

“The zoo. The place where you could find me today. I may not sound that happy, although you can’t hear my voice. But I’m a bit two minded about the zoo.. don’t get me wrong! I do like it. I love the it when you can see a animal that close, but it breaks my heart not seeing it in his natural environment. It makes me wanna save all my money and see them in their natural environment. Going to Africa or Australia maybe? I’d love to do that! But at the same time I also know that there are endangered species in the zoo, and that the zoo helps them to propagate to have more of the species in the wild. So I’m two minded about the zoo, and I have two kinds of style of photo’s. Today the nice side of the zoo, tomorrow the sad part! So check my blog also tomorrow! But what do you think about the zoo? ”


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  1. 10/26/2010 / 16:02

    love love love the photos. the last one is amazing!!!

  2. 10/26/2010 / 16:06

    Wat een mooie foto's heb je gemaakt Joy. Vooral die krokodil vind ik mooi. Verder heb je wel gelijk. Ik vind de dierentuin wel leuk, maar het is niet zo dat ik er met familie heenga. Ben benieuwd naar de foto's van morgen.

  3. 10/26/2010 / 18:31

    wauw, heel mooi!
    vooral die met die kwal is heel mooi gelukt!

  4. Anonymous
    10/26/2010 / 19:23

    wauw, mooie foto's zeg!

  5. Essie
    10/26/2010 / 20:55

    Lovely pics

  6. 10/26/2010 / 22:24

    Supermooie foto's!!!!

  7. 10/27/2010 / 15:10

    mooie foto's! vast een goede dierenthin,haha.

    Ik denk dat londen ook wel wat voor jou is. Helemaal deze week; HALLOWEEN!

  8. 10/27/2010 / 17:43

    Mooie foto's! Maar ik snap je dubbele gevoel erover wel! Ik ga binnenkort toch naar de dierentuin, wilde het al een hele tijd doen samen met m'n vriend :). Voel me ook altijd weer zo 'kind' en 'vrij' dan haha!

  9. 10/29/2010 / 10:05

    Nice pictures!! I agree with you. I hope all of them can go back to natural environment, to enjoy their life.

    PS. I showed your blog to my teacher, because I think you are doing your blog very well. Oh, forgot to tell you that my teacher is teaching in social media, like how to build a good blog. lol That's why!

    BTW, thank you for your info, I know how to change the header picture right now. Thank uuuuuu, sweety.

  10. Brit
    11/16/2010 / 19:02

    Zitten hele mooie tussen! xx Brit