Last week I was invited to the We love Ibiza fair. As you all might know, Ibiza is my second home. A little over excited I accepted the invite and went to ‘Strand binnen’, which means Inside beach.

The location was amazing. A true beach and Ibiza vibe. You could relax at the bar or somewhere in a chair. There was also a selection of food, which is always nice. Cool drinks and lovely tunes and lots of shopping opportunities. Everything the gypsy Ibiza style. What else could you wish for?

I suggest you like their facebook page and visit their next event! I want to! Have a little taste of Ibiza away from Ibiza.


8 Reacties

  1. 04/15/2015 / 09:54

    Leuk evenement! Heerlijk om je zo even een beetje in Ibiza te wanen. Krijg meteen weer zin in een tripje die kant op!

  2. 04/15/2015 / 12:46

    Ziet er heel leuk en gezellig uit!

  3. 04/15/2015 / 15:49

    Wat een leuke foto’s! Voel meteen de zomervibe haha 🙂 X

  4. 04/15/2015 / 17:52

    Aaaaah hier had ik graag bij willen zijn! Ziet er zo leuk uit!:) XO

  5. 04/15/2015 / 19:44

    Wauw dat ziet er super gezellig en leuk uit!

  6. Ise
    04/16/2015 / 13:25

    Oh wat ziet dat er leuk uit! Helemaal met dit weer nu 🙂

  7. Lauren Louvaine
    04/16/2015 / 21:44

    Oeehhh ziet er super leuk uit!!