Why blogging is really hard right now for me?. My motivation is there. But I just can’t seem to find the time to shoot outfits, or anything else.

Writing or editing isn’t the problem. I can always find time for that. Late at night, during my lunch break or any other time. Right now my day is filled with work and gym after work. When I get home I need to eat and shower. It seems dumb to get dressed again for some photo’s. Plus, after a long day like that I prefer to watch Netflix.

I am going to puzzle. I need to squeeze in some time somewhere to take photo’s. I really enjoy shooting outfits. Or I need to get over my stupid fear and ask all my friends to do it when we’re at lunch.

Or I could skip the gym a few times? I really don’t want to do that. I am in a good sport vibe right now. I eat healthy and I feel good.

Uhwg. How do you all deal with this? I will use the weekend to think about it and figuring out some good ideas.

P.S. I totally forced Dexter to take a picture with me. Like, this is what happens if you ruin my shot Dex.