It has been so long since I posted an inspiration post. I really wanted this category back on the blog. I mean, I spend way more time on Pinterest and Tumblr than I should…. Always looking for inspiration. For photography work, beautiful quotes or simply scroll until the end of time looking at Beyonce pictures.

Because we all can get lost in this big inspiration sea, I decided (back when I started the inspiration series) that every month there will be a new category. From hats to dogs. Everything beautiful or cute.

I found myself looking at all sorts of desks or offices. Probably because I ordered a new Macbook. Not that I have any space for a desk in my room, but it always nice to have dreams right? I might want a little desk when I get my own home. But for now, lets enjoy the workspace inspiration.


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    • 07/06/2016 / 15:58

      Vond ik ook! Ik zit helaas in een blauw kantoor!! Niet zo Pinterest, maar ik doe het er voor haha

  1. 07/06/2016 / 14:46

    Ik wil ook mijn bureau weer een beetje veranderen. Het is nu erg rommelig…

    • 07/06/2016 / 15:59

      Ik ben zelf heel erg geordend, mijn bureau staat er altijd netjes bij 🙂