When it comes down to being bored, I could spend hours on the internet checkin webshops and making wish lists. One of my favorite webshops is Zalando. There are all kind of brand just in one webshop (perfect!). And I just wanted to share my cravings with you. You know, my birthday is coming up in just two weeks? Hihi! I been wanting a striped blazer for ever. I also do need new sport shoes(the tee was just a little extra). The mens shirt is also very cool, I would buy a very big one and wear a white shirt under it. Of course the Lita’s. I’ve been wanting those since I knew they excitesed. They are perfect. Somehow I always postpone buying them? I’ll just keep dreaming about these items..

15 Reacties

  1. 02/23/2014 / 09:26

    Die schoenennn <3_<3

  2. 02/23/2014 / 13:50

    Herkenbaar! Die schoenen zijn echt Joy-schoenen! XO

  3. 02/23/2014 / 14:03

    Mooie wishlist.

  4. 02/23/2014 / 17:49

    Die roze blouse is mooi!

  5. 02/23/2014 / 18:42

    Alle items zijn zo tof, wauw!

  6. 02/23/2014 / 19:10

    Leuke wishlist, ik vind vooral het gestreepte jasje erg leuk! x

  7. 02/24/2014 / 14:17

    Wat een leuke wishlist! Ik vind vooral dat gestreepte blazertje geweldig 🙂 xo

  8. 02/24/2014 / 14:27

    Oeh, leuk gedaan! Vooral het roze jurkje vind ik super leuk 😀 .

    Xjes Femke

  9. 02/25/2014 / 22:53

    Wauw, wat een gave jurk staat er op je wishlist!