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Today was a good day. Besides all the compliments on my new pants and lipstick(which I bought quite impulsive), I got a lot on my hair. I decided to cut my hair short a year ago( check here). No regrets! But I loved my ombre hair when it was long( check here ). I never thought ombre would look good with a long bob. Well… I love it! Soon better photo’s. Back to today. I only went to school for 3 hours. I wanted to wear my new pants. Matched it with black and white so the pants get all the attention! For lunch we all wanted to go with each other. The harbor of Rotterdam it was. It was delicious. Great time with friends in the sun. I went back to The hague and did a shopping, met with Laura for dinner and had a business meeting afterwards. Good day right?
What I wore:
Sunglasses: H&M
Shirt: Hema
Blazer: H&M
Pants (new): H&m
Shoes (new): Zara
Bag: Primark
Lipstick (new): Dior
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18 Reacties

  1. 05/29/2013 / 09:09

    Echt een hele leuke outfit!! Die broek is zo gaaf!

  2. 05/29/2013 / 09:27

    Weer een hele mooie outfit Joy!
    Je schoenen vind ik echt prachtig!

    XO Zoë

  3. 05/29/2013 / 10:10

    Mooie outfit! Ik heb de broek zelf ook, ik ben er helemaal verliefd op haha!
    Superleuke blog en heel inspirerend, ik ga je volgen!

    Liefs, Jennifer

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  4. 05/29/2013 / 10:36

    Love this black and white look. The zebra pants rock!!




  5. 05/29/2013 / 12:20

    mooie foto's, ik ben fan van je sandal heels! X

  6. 05/29/2013 / 13:03

    Those pants are AWESOME. And that shade of lipstick is perfect, no wonder you got lots of compliments babe.;)

  7. 05/29/2013 / 13:29

    Geweldige foto's weer. Wat een mooie schoenen heb je aan. De broek is ook super. 🙂 x

  8. 05/29/2013 / 14:47

    wauwie die broek staat je goed! x

  9. 05/29/2013 / 14:47

    Toffe broek en zonnenbril!

  10. 05/29/2013 / 15:44

    Mooie foto's! De outfit die je draagt is er gaaf, leuk!!

  11. 05/29/2013 / 18:07

    Je schoenen zijn zooo mooi!

  12. 05/29/2013 / 20:19

    Like those pants!

    Johanna, Sweden