The International Beauty Show Las Vegas is an event that showcases the latest in beauty products and trending techniques. If you want to know the hottest hairstyles and newest trends in makeup, this is the place to be on June 25 – 27 this year.

The event will be attended by over 20,000 salon owners, managers, and beauty professionals that are eager to make a name for themselves and increase their skillsets. Over 350 exhibitors are expected to line up at the show floor, all of which are leaders in the beauty industry. It will offer over 100 classes and in-depth hands on workshops, as well as master classes that are free of charge to attend. The workshops will target areas including hair, makeup, nails, as well as how to stay competitive in the business.

Apart from the exhibitions, IBS Las Vegas will have competitions that will pit industry professionals against each other at the “Super Barber” and “Nail Pro”. There will also be live music throughout the event so attendees will stay entertained and lively.

During past opening nights, IBS Las Vegas has held parties where some of the country’s most popular DJs play. For an entrance fee of around $15, attendees get to attend this yearly and prestigious party where they will get one free drink, which is valued at around $50.

Big events such as the IBS Las Vegas have proved a valuable commodity for Sin City over the years. This is mainly due to Las Vegas losing its grip on the entertainment and gaming industry due to the digitalization of gaming services. Today, people don’t need to go to bingo halls or Blackjack tables just to play games. All they have to do is open their smartphones and play away. The appeal of heading all the way to Las Vegas just to play bingo or poker has dwindled in the last 5 years, when online players can simply source popular gaming titles online and play whenever they want with 24/7 live support on all games. In order to stay competitive, Las Vegas needed to be more welcoming to other non-gaming guests, and they’re doing so by diversifying their entertainment and events portfolio, which is why you see the city showcasing notable events like IBS year-on-year.

To learn more about the IBS Las Vegas event this year, you may visit the event’s official page.